AIRMARE™ Original Sports Neckband Fan


Featuring a safe and portable fan that you can bring with you anytime and anywhere without hassle. Our exclusive AIRMARE™ Fan is your cooling solution to a hot day outside and when you don’t want to constantly hold or bring a heavy handheld fan wherever you go.


Enjoy Your Summer Day

Beat the summertime heat using our exclusive Hands-Free Portable AIRMARE™ Portable Sports Neckband Fan! Featuring a cutting-edge technology that won’t weigh your neck or hand down with its wearable design.
If you enjoy ample time doing various activities outdoors, this device is a perfect companion for you. It’s made with a fan on each end that has 5 plastic blades and functions with powerful yet quiet airflow. The arms near the fans are also flexible so you can adjust it to your preferred wind direction or as a table or desktop fan.

Product Details

  • Color: Black/White/Denim Blue/Milk Pink/Vanilla Green
  • Size: 260 x 180 mm
  • Weight: 170g
  • Battery Type: 1200mAh (DC 5V 1A)
  • USB Charging Time : 4 Hrs / Working Time : 2-8 Hrs

Wearable & Hands-free

Designed with a band structure that you can easily wear around your neck and flexible arms that you can adjust according to your preferred height or wind direction. Its lightweight design won’t weigh your neck down even if used over time.

Adjustable Fan Speed

Comes with 3-speed settings: Low, Medium, and High. Each mode delivers a powerful and steady, quiet airflow with its 5-bladed dual plastic fans. The pack also includes a hair rubber band, suitable for helping users get their hair out of the way of the device for extra safety.

Long-lasting Battery Life

Its 1200mAh rechargeable battery allows 3 hours of USB charging time and functions approximately 2 to 8 hours depending on the setting used. The lower the setting, the longer the battery life per use. Battery operation decreases with time and cannot be replaced.

A Perfect Gift

In scorching summer days, the heat is intolerable and usually avoided. Having a hands-free portable fan is convenient while going outside and makes it easier to be outdoors. It is an excellent gift for parents, friends, and those who love the outdoors.


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Our Promise

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759 Reviews

Kathryn M.
I just brought this to my las vegas trip. its really save my life. have different speed mode. also made me feel so cool when i was in club, also i can use this when i walk my two big dogs, i dont have to hold the fan, i can only hold the leash. hand free, more easier for me!

Gary P.
Bought this for my wife to use while she runs on the treadmill. Our workout room can get pretty warm and our treadmill doesn’t have a built in fan. She is using them & so far they are working out great. Puts out enough air to keep her cooled down and not so loud that she can’t hear the music playing. I got some bonus points for picking these up!

Charlie E.
This item works great anywhere you go. With many different color changing modes, it also has 3 fan speed modes, low, medium, and high. I absolutely love it! It’s very light weight which makes it easier when traveling. The motor in the fan is very quite. You hardly know it’s on. Totally hands free and easy operation.

Courtney M.
Love Everything about this personal fan !!! Got this for the cook I work with , thought it would be helpful and funny … it’s Awesome! It works great , you can charge it with USB port, it’s comfortable on your neck and the arms bend so you can position it perfectly ! Everyone that sees it says “I Want One !!” Gotta get another for myself now !!!

Gary W.
I did some testing and charged the fan up fully and then ran it on low to see how long it would run, it ran for 8hrs and 45min on low I then did the same test on High and it ran continuously for 3 hours and 29 minutes which was impressive! After draining the battery it took a little over 5 hours to charge with the provided USB charging cable. All in all this fan has worked as described. I also like that it has a Li-ion battery and this helps explain the long run times. If your looking for porta…

Dorothy S.
I was pleasantly surprised! It was surprisingly durable and comfortable to wear. Everyone in my family loves it and they all want to wear it. I may get a couple more of these just so there will not be any arguing. The fan on the highest setting is pleasant and not overpowering. It provides a gently breeze on those hot summer days. Additionally,when you are wearing this baby you really feel like you are relaxing in style and it takes your summer “cool” to a whole new level! I love it!

Laura H.
These work awesome. Great for days out in the heat at events. The battery lasts what seems like forever and they have 3 speed settings. The fan mounts are flexible so you can get the facing just the way you want. The battery is rechargeable via USB. They also work well when hunting during hot days and are very quiet.

Diane P.
I was skeptical at first, but once I put it on I discovered that it helps me get cool, and I don’t even need to turn the cooler on in the house, until it gets very hot. I’m able to work around the house, outside, and set next to my Grandma in her hot house. My relatives think it’s great, and are getting some they said. Their friends will want them too. The battery is easy to access with a Philips head screw driver on the back if it ever needs changed. It charges with a microUSB port…

Michael K.
It’s a nice fan. It is easy to adjust the angle and the speed of the fans. I like that it has three different speeds. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. I have had no problem with the fan staying on my neck/shoulders as I walk and move around. I wear it around my house, working in my yard or laying in my hammock. It is very quiet.

Todd K.
I live in Arizona, the temperature is been way over a 100 degrees on past days, I been using this little fan and it’s been helping me a lot to keep my body temperature down, it has 3 speeds so you can choose what works for you, I like it a lot, and one good thing is I don’t have to worry about buying batteries, ic came with one and it is rechargeable, I think I am going to order a couple more for my kids.

Bernice R.
I live in south Florida, and it’s summer, and it is HOT outside. It has been used every day. It has 3 speeds, but even on low it produces a nice breeze, and the fan necks are bendable so you can aim it where you need it. The neck band is comfortable around the neck, and doesn’t get real sweaty.

Kimberly M.
Low profile handsfree fan for use when I am outdoors. Definately kept me cool from the hot sun. It has 3 speed settings you can choose from. Kept me cool and handsfree while being able to chase kiddos all day. Definately wish I knew about these earlier, they would have been perfect for out recent disney trip.

Donna T.
This is a cute and functional item. I got it for my Godfather to wear while he mows, but he wouldn’t pose for a picture. It charges with a USB cord, and stays on for quite a while. He mowed the entire backyard and part of the side yard before he came in for a drink. The fan was still going strong. It has cool neon lights than can be turned on as well, so I think that would be very helpful for a bicyclist.

Robert B.
This rechargeable fan works amazingly well. A very practical and interesting electric fan that can be adjusted at any angle to be quiet and comfortable, very easy to use and powerful.Just let them hang around your neck and enjoy cool breeze. especially great for traveling and sports. Summer here gets to 45C so this is lifesaving.

Yvonne G.
My husband works in a factory where they only have spot coolers and no air conditioning. It can get extremely hot if he isn’t working under one of the spot coolers, which happens often. I got this neck fan for him in hopes that he would get a little relief during his work day. He charged the fan up with the USB cord and used it at work. He loves it! He said the dual fans work great. He can adjust the angle of the fans to suit his needs. All in all, this was a great purchase…perfect for my husb…

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Additional information

Weight 208 g
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 4 cm

White, Black, Denim Blue, Milk Pink, Vanilla Green


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AIRMARE™ Original Sports Neckband Fan
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