AIRMARE™ Neckband Fan

It’s the perfect companion for people who love to be at outdoor festivals, watching sports, mountaineering, beach trips, and more. 

AIRMARE™ Portable Sports Neckband Fan


Exquisite Design

Small and lightweight personal fan provides cooling air circulation in any desired directions with 360 degree tilt rotation


Uses a silent structure which is engineered to be ultra-quiet while delivering high airflow. Better accompany your work or sleep without disturbing you.


Designed with a band structure that you can easily wear around your neck and flexible arms that you can adjust according to your preferred height or wind direction.

Join over a thousand people

Beat the summertime heat using our exclusive AIRMARE™ Portable Sports Neckband Fan! Featuring a cutting-edge technology that won’t weigh your neck or hand down with its wearable design.

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Customers Reviews

A welcomed surprise when I received this fan. It was a bit more expensive than the competing fans, but I will gladly pay extra for quality. I was truly relieved to see that this was a well built product. It wasn't flimsy and didn't look like it would easily break. It works like a dream...
Adam S.

Fan worked well on all the speeds, used while working or when I'm on the train, however the part USB PORT where you charge the fan broke , Airmare notified and quickly replaced it , I'm so happy I really like this fan and lots of PEOPLE asked about it, it really works well.
Mila K.

A must to keep with you when in the summer heat!
I got this to use when working in apartments in nyc that don’t have AC in the summer. So far it’s been a major breeze (yes, pun intended). It looks a bit strange, but it’s worth the stares, as it helps me not overheat while working.
Mike S.
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